Polydrops drags its electric polyhedral teardrop trailer off the road

2021-11-12 07:59:36 By : Ms. summer xia

As early as March 2019, Polydrops was busy promoting its angular teardrop trailer. Only a year later, the game changed. Everyone under the sun is looking for a mobile living pod to get rid of the clutches of society in the pandemic and blockade. Earlier this year, Polydrops launched an off-grid trailer designed to start from organized campsites and camp independently with only batteries and sunlight. Now, it is venturing further into the wild with the new P17X Explorer, a rugged off-road trailer designed to keep up with the elevated 4x4 as it hunts down the base camp in the middle of the desert or above the tree line.

Polydrops' sharp geometric trailer design has always been easily mistaken for off-road vehicles. But the lightweight structure and road tires make it more suitable for smooth roads, perhaps light horizontal dirt roads. In the P17X Explorer, Polydrops installed a pair of 29-inch all-terrain tires at the end of the Timbren 2000-pound suspension, which increased the ground clearance to 15 inches (38 cm) to allow it to clean up on rocks, tree roots, and ruts. Sail the hinterland. The articulated hitch improves the trailer’s ability to respond independently to the changing ground under the tires.

One thing that P17X has not changed is the aluminum-to-aluminum structure. Polydrops skips the heavy-duty powder-coated or galvanized steel frame that other off-road trailer manufacturers rely on, and instead uses a standard aluminum frame with an EV-style integrated battery. It also uses a transparent anodized aluminum body structure, and adds some diamond-shaped plates on the front panel and nose box to protect the most vulnerable part of the bare skin.

17X canceled the strange half-kitchen that Polydrops previewed on P17A earlier this year, with a full kitchen under the backsplash. The device includes a slide-out dual stove induction cooktop, connected to a standard 2.4 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, a tall stainless steel faucet and large sink, a 45-liter refrigerator/freezer, and a 110-volt power socket for independent plug-in Electrical appliances and slide-out workbenches complement the fixed worktops. The main tank has 27 liters of water, and RoadShower put another 18 liters of water on the beam.

P17X comes standard with 5,000-BTU air conditioner, electric heater, pure sine wave inverter, Bluetooth speaker, wireless smartphone charger and 260-W solar panel. The awning that visually uniforms the RoadShower is also standard.

There was no significant change inside X. Two adults and their favorite hound slept on an 8-inch (20 cm) thick mixed mattress. According to Polydrops, the thick insulation pack provides an average R-14 value, which helps to completely isolate the indoor climate from anything that happens outside the gull-wing door. The upper storage compartment keeps items organized and easy to find, and the hidden 110-volt power socket provides plug-ins for laptops and other hardware.

Polydrops can now pre-order the P17X worth $34,990. Buyers who desire more off-grid power can add additional solar energy and increase the battery capacity to 4.8 or 12 kWh. Polydrops plans to begin delivery in the middle of 2022.

Click "Play" to watch Polydrops drive P17X Explorer for research and development rotation.

Source: Polydrops via Gear Patrol