2000W inverter 12V 24V 36V pure sine wave power inverter UPS charger inverter

Product Description1000W 20000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 7000W 8000w 9000w 10000w power inverter /Technical Specificatons/ItemDX1000WDX2000WDX3000WDX5000WDX6000WDX8000WDX10000WDC12V/24VDC12V/24/48VDC12V/24/48VDC48VDC48VDC96VDC96V1./AC Mode Specifications/Imput wave formpure sine wave(Main power or Generator)/Imput voltage220

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Product Description

1000W 20000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 7000W 8000w 9000w 10000w power inverter 
/Technical Specificatons
1./AC Mode Specifications
/Imput wave formpure sine wave(Main power or Generator)
/Imput voltage220V AC
/Low voltage cut off145V+/-4% 165V+/-4%   
/Low voltage recover155V+/-4%175V+/-4%
/High voltage cut off285V+/-4%265V+/-4%
/High voltage recover275V+/-4%255V+/-4%
/Frequency50Hz/60Hz(Automatic detection)
/Output wave form/sam with AC imput voltage wave form
/Overload protection/alarm
/Short circuit protection/trip
/Transfer current30A60A
/Transfer time DC TO AC10ms
/Transfer time AC TO DC10ms
/Inverter Mode Specifications
/Rated power 1000W2000W3000W5000W6000W8000W10000W
/Power factor0~1.0
/Output voltage220V AC
(Hz)Automotive tracking the main frequency50Hz@48-54Hz/60Hz@58-664Hz,Yes(start from the first connection)50Hz@48-54Hz
/Imput voltage range+/-10%rms(-25%/+20%)rms
/Overload protection(SMPS load)(110%<load<125%)+/-10%:30s cut off output voltage in 30s(125%<load<150%)+/-10%: cut off output voltage at on once
/Peak capacity2000W4000W6000W10000W12000W16000W20000W
/Short circuit protection/protect immediately
/imput voltage12V/24V/48V/96V
/Min DC voltage10V/20V/40V/80V
/Undervoltage warning10.5Vdc+/-0.3Vdc(12Vbattery)21.0Vdc+/-0.6Vdc(24Vbattery) 84Vdc+/-2.4Vdc(96Vdbattery)
imputevoltage warning and cut off15Vdc+/-0.3Vdc(12Vbattery)/30Vdc+/-0.6Vdc(24Vbattery)60Vdc+/-1.2Vdc  (48Vbattery)120Vdc+/-2.4Vdc(96Vbattery)
DC imput too low,Automatic cut off10.0Vdc+/-0.3Vdc(12vbattery)40.0Vdc+/-1.2Vdc(48Vbattery)20.0Vdc+/-0.6Vdc(24Vbattery)80.0Vdc+/-2.4Vdc(96Vbattery)
/Save power(load)</=25W
3./Charger Mode Specifications
/Chargering current30A/15A50A/25A/15A50A/25A/15A15A15A15A15A
/Chargering current correction+/-5Adc
/Battery initial voltage0-13.7Vdc
/Charger short circuit protection/trip
/Overload protection V≥14.7Vdc/30.4Vdc,every half second sounds
4./Charging Rules
/Three phases(constant current chargering phases)→(constant voltage                                chargering phases)→(float chargering phase)  
/Computer MonitorRS232
/Inverter Mode overload/shut-down protection
/Operate Temperature Range0ºC to 40ºC
/Store Temperature-15ºC-60ºC
Cooling/Fan in ventiltation conditions

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 Q1. The electric appliance doesn't work and the indicator light isn't on.
1. Faulty battery.
2. Wrong connection of positive pole and negative pole.
3. Loose connection of the cables.
1. Check the battery, and change it if needed.
2. Check the connection of battery. The inverter might be damaged and should
be changed or sent to be repaired.
3. Check the cables and connection points, and tighten the terminals.
Q2. The electric appliance doesn't work and the RED indicator light is on.
1. The rated power of electric appliance exceeds the nominal power of inverter
which leads to over loadshutdown.
2. The rated power of electric appliance is less than the nominal power of the inverter
but its peak power is too high which leads to over load shutdown
3. The electricity in battery runs out (the inverter alarms)
4. Poor ventilation causes over heat shutdown
5. Input voltage is too high.
1. Please use the electric appliance which power is less than the nominal power of inverter.
2. The peak power of electric appliance is no more than that of power inverter, or the same power.
3. Charge the battery or change it.
4. Turn off the inverter for 15 minutes, remove the items near fan and those around the inverter,
and put the inverter in a shady and cool place
5. Turn off the inverter and test the output voltage of battery.
Q3. The output voltage of power inverter tested is too low.
Reason: Generally the numerical reading range of voltmeter for testing use is too small.
Answer: If you test the output voltage of modified sine wave inverters, please use "true RMS
Multi-meter" to obtain the accurate data.
Q4. Only small power load can be driven.
Reason: When the current goes through the cables, the voltage declines.
Answer: Shorten the length and use thicker cables.
Q5. The hours of use are too short.
1. The electricity consumption of the electric appliance is larger than rated load of power inverter.
2. The battery is faulty or damaged
3. The battery is not well charged
4. The current declines when through cables
1. Use larger capacity battery.
2. Change battery.
3. If the charger can't charge the battery fully, it needs to change a better intelligent charger.
4. Shorten the length of the cables and use the thicker cables.
Q6. How to contact your esteemed company and buy the inverters?
We are in the different regions, but we want to establish the long business with your and your excellent comoany.

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