High efficiency pure sine wave DC12V AC220V 1500W power inverter

High Efficiency Pure Sine Wave DC12V AC220V Power Inverter 1500w 1. Data1.Product Introduction1.high frequency pulse width modulation technology2.excellent double-faced circuit board and components3.high quality and high performance4.protection function:overload protectionover-current protectionhigh-temperature protectionsh

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High Efficiency Pure Sine Wave DC12V AC220V Power Inverter 1500w 

1. Data
1.Product Introduction
1.high frequency pulse width modulation technology
2.excellent double-faced circuit board and components
3.high quality and high performance
4.protection function:
overload protection
over-current protection
high-temperature protection
short-circuit protection
battery reverse connection protection
battery high-voltage and low-voltage protection
built-in fuse protection, etc

Product appliation
Portable Power for many power tools and various appliances,including vacuum cleaners, small refrigerators,TVs and more.Great for autos, trucks, RVs,boats,camping and more!
1) Compact and light weight
2) Modified sine wave output
3) High efficiency
4) Voltage overload protection
5) High output current surge
6) Low voltage alarm / shut down
7) Input and output fully isolation
8) Low power consumption
Using scope & function:
1. For use in cars,boats,trucks,trailers and mobile homes
Take the power inverter to portable and get power to run lamps, radios or TVs
2. In an emergency such as blackout, attach the power inverter to your car battery or portable battery and get power to run your appliances
3. Ultra-compact metal housing:Small and rugged:Stored easily in any tool box, briefcase or glove compartment
4. Integrated fuse protection:Protects your battery and power inverter from damage due to outlet overload
5. The inverter can automatically detect low battery voltage and shut down to preserve the battery
6. Overload protection:Shutdown and alarm(integrated fuse protection, protects the battery,and power inverter from damage due to outlet overload)
7. Output short:Output short-circuit protection

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High Efficiency Pure Sine Wave DC12V AC220V 1500W Power Inverter
High Efficiency Pure Sine Wave DC12V AC220V 1500W Power Inverter
High Efficiency Pure Sine Wave DC12V AC220V 1500W Power Inverter
What is the difference between a modified sine and pure sine wave inverter?

Modified sine wave:The most common,general-use inverters available are of the"Modified Sine Wave"variety,usually available at more moderate pricing compared to pure sine wave models.Modified Sine Wave inverters are designed to have somewhat better characteristics than Square Wave inverters, while still being relatively inexpensive.Although designed emulate a Pure Sine Wave output, Modified Square Wave inverters do not offer the same perfect electrical output.As such, a negative by-product of modified output units is electrical noise, which can prevent these inverters from properly powering certain loads. For example, many TVs and stereos use power supplies incapable of eliminating common mode noise. As a result, powering such equipment with a Modified Square Wave may cause a"grain";or small amount of "snow"on your video picture,or"humon your sound system.Likewise, most appliances with timing devices,light dimmers,battery chargers, and variable speed devices may not work well,or indeed, may not work at all. 
Pure Sine Wave: Pure Sine Wave inverters provide electrical power similar to the utility power you receive from the outlets in your home or office, which is highly reliable and does not produce electrical noise interference associated with the other types of inverters.With its"perfect"sine wave output, the power produced by the inverter fully assures that your sensitive loads will be correctly powered, with no interference. Some appliances which are likely to require Pure Sine Wave include computers, digital clocks, battery chargers, light dimmers,variable speed motors,and audio/visual equipment.If your application is an important video presentation at work,opera on your expensive sound system,surveillance video,a telecommunications application,any calibrated measuring equipment,or any other sensitive load,you must use a Pure Sine Wave inverter.
                                                                                      pure sine wave inverter
 Item No.DX-150DX-300DX-500DX-800DX-1000DX-1500DX-2000DX-2500DX-3000
* Max continuous power:               150W               300W500W800W1000W1500W2000W2500W3000W
* Peak Load Power Rate:400W600W1000W1600W2000W3000W4000W5000W6000W
* NO load current draw: <0.4A
* Input DC voltage Range:DC10-15V
* Output Voltage Range:AC110/220V±5%
* Output Frequency Range:60/50Hz+/-3Hz
* Max Outer Temperature:< 65 °C
* Max Power Efficiency:> 85%
* High Voltage Cut Off:>DC15V±1V
* Low Voltage Alarm:DC 10.5±0.3V
* Low Voltage Cut Off:DC10V±0.3V
* Overload&Short-circuit ProtectionYES
* Input Voltage:DC 12V
* THD:≤5%
* Cooling:Fan
* Product Size(mm):167*95*55175*150*70270*150*70370*150*70370*150*70370*150*70435*150*90430*155*130460*170*120
* Packing size49*46*47cm(40pcs/ctn)61*37.5*26cm (8pcs/ctn)49*46*47cm(6pcs/ctn)51*46*47cm (8pcs/ctn)
* N.W:0.55Kg1.11Kg1.65Kg2.15Kg2.15Kg3.4Kg3.4Kg3.85KG5.7KG
* G.W:0.75Kg1.25Kg2.2Kg3.35Kg3.35Kg4.3Kg4.3Kg4.8KG6.65KG

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